Looking Back On Memories

It’s been a long while since I’ve revisited a memory that makes me deeply happy. I was going through some old things and found a couple letters that I had forgotten about. I took my time reading them and I will admit that a couple tears did come out. It’s not like I’m dwelling on the past, but it’s like looking back on your childhood and remembering the much more simpler times that you used to live. While reading these letters something triggered within me, something that told me to be proud of this person. We spoke about our dreams and goals together, we spoke about building a future together, we spoke about what made us laugh and cry, but the memory that I cherish the most; is when we were together.

I recall our first date just like it was yesterday. I was nervous as hell, when you first opened the door and sat in my car I thought to myself “whoa, she’s beautiful”. Not even 5 minutes into the car ride we just clicked. You asked me about my day, what I did for work, what I do at work, etc. That was different for me, it was different because no one ever really expressed any general interest in me and it was cool as hell knowing that you truly did give a damn.

We went to go watch hunger games that night, I was never really into it – hell, I never had even heard of it. But it was something to do, and it was something to converse about after it had all ended. I’ll tell you this, you’re the one that got me into the series and I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to such a wonderful series. After, we went to olive garden. I’ve never been to olive garden prior to this night but I was willing to give it a shot. It was hard finding things for me to talk about at first when we sat down, so I took the gamble and asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s always a safe question to ask anybody, because everybody loves talking about their passion. I don’t think you’ll ever know it, but as you spoke about the future you wanted I found it to be the most adorable thing in the world. Your smile was wide as the golden gate bridge is long, your eyes twinkled like a thousand stars on the darkest of nights in the quiet country side. You stopped yourself abruptly and said to me “am I talking too much?” All I could do was smile, shake my head and said “continue”. And then we ended the night, no hug, no kiss, just a goodbye.

On my drive back I was worried if you actually had fun. So many thoughts raced through my head as I took the 45 minute drive home. I decided to text you saying “hey, hope you had fun tonight. Hopefully there’s more nights like tonight in the future?” You replied “Yes! Definitely!” My heart fluttered as I read that, and that was the beginning of when our emotions began to blossom for each other like a lotus flower.

We immediately made plans to hang out again for black friday. I called you Thanksgiving night letting you know that I would be coming with a friend. I mumbled my words as I normally do and you had this disappointed and angry reaction. I didn’t understand it at first so I texted you “is someone mad?” You replied with “have fun with your friends.” I replied “ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I said I’m coming with a friend!” You felt so guilty after, I found it to be quite adorable.

After I picked you up and we got to the outlet mall the place was stupid packed. So that’s when we first held hands. I still remember the words I said to you to get us to hold hands “we should hold hands so we don’t end up getting lost” and you grabbed mines without any hesitation. I blushed so hard in that dimly lit parking lot as the warmth of your hand transferred over to mines.

I remember one day in particular – walking around parks was our thing. We went to a new park and I had brought us some sandwiches from work to eat while we talked in the cold. When we arrived at the park, ducks just surrounded us, I had never seen that many ducks in one place before and I’ll admit that I was a bit scared of them. You told me to keep it pushing and so we did, but the reaction on both of our faces were priceless as we crept through the sea of ducks who wanted nothing but our sandwiches. Once we finally made it through the crowd we were so relieved. We shared a moment where we both were scared, and in that moment I realized that it’s always been you that I was searching for.

Do you remember when we first said “I love you”? I picked you up for one of our late night drives and we parked. We sat in the back seat of my car, held each other in our arms as we always did and just started conversing about whatever was on our minds. We were young, we were innocent, we were pure. The night wore on and tiredness had taken a toll on me since I had worked that day. It was almost 3 in the morning and I laid my head on your chest, listening to your heart beat. We sat in silence as you ran your fingers through my hair. Breaking the silence I said “hey” you looked me in my eyes and I looked into yours. I was the first to cave in and said “I love you.”

I’ll admit, towards the end of everything, it got toxic. Not for the both of us, but for you. I wanted to take the time to apologize for that. I want to take the time to say sorry for the tears I made you cry. It wasn’t supposed to end up that way, it was supposed to be filled with laughter and smiles for us. I wanted to acknowledge the problem and say that it was my fault we ended the way we did. It was best that we parted ways, or else you wouldn’t be where you are right now. All I ever wanted for you was for you to have the best things in life that brings a smile to your face.

She may never come across this to read, she may not even think about me anymore, and that’s alright with me. But if she does happen to stumble across this, I just want to let her know that I’m proud of her. Proud of what risks she’d taken, proud that she’s making her dreams and goals into reality, proud that she’s taken so many steps throughout this journey in life to get to where she’s at, but most of all – proud of the person she’s become.


An old friend

Pokemon Go: The Month After

So I’m pretty sure by now you’ve gotten yourself familiar with Pokemon Go, the free application that took the world by storm. I’m going to skip all the instructions on how to play it but if you’re unsure of some things feel free to comment!

To kick things off I’ve been having a blast with Pokemon Go, it’s truly refreshing to finally be able to live out my childhood as a pokemon master. The game itself has gotten so many people up and about nowadays, it’s insane to see how many trainers there are in your area alone. Through this review I’ll be touching on key points that I’ve been noticing as I’ve been playing along with a few features that I wish to make it within future updates.


Lures are probably the most essential thing for this game, in order to level up you need to be out and about catching pokemon consistently. I like the idea of lures because it gives you a chance to rest and relax while the pokemon come to you. Not only that, but I do thoroughly enjoy the fact that it brings trainers together. I’ve come across very few hateful trainers but most of them seem to be pretty friendly. It’s cool being able to exchange information such as where they caught a certain Pokemon, who their official squad is going to be. Even showing off each other’s Pokemon is a pretty cool thing to me, I enjoy hearing the other person talk about how they’ve raised their Pokemon and what strategy they’re taking to go about evolving and powering up their team.

Lucky Eggs:

Lucky eggs which are used for double XP no matter what you’re doing is a great mechanic for trainers to level up faster. However with the recent updates it’s become much tougher to do so. The capture rate is a bit tougher than it was during the initial release of the game. Lately I’ve been spending 10 balls on a pidgey, weedle, or caterpie (the holy trinity of spam evolving) with the only outcome of them taking off on me. How on earth should a CP10 Pidgey run off on me?! 😦


This one is a fun mechanic. It’s like buying a scratch ticket in hopes that you’ll get something big but only to become disappointed when you’ve hatched yet ANOTHER Eevee. All-in-all it’s something to keep you on your toes and to motivate yourself to keep taking more steps throughout the day in hopes that you’ll hatch a Lapras or Snorlax, only to come face to face with another Jynx. Get those steps in trainers!

Wishlist for future updates:


What’s a pokemon game without battles? Sure there are gym battles but what’s the use when all you do is get sniped by some snot nosed 10 year old kid and he puts down a CP200 Charmander? What’s all the smack talking about when you can’t settle the issue for good through a good Pokemon battle? I actually don’t really mind the battle system in this game, afterall; it’s Pokemon GO, if we did traditional Pokemon battles that would take a year and a half to complete – when it comes to competitive battling at least. I’ve tried watching competitive battles on youtube and the battles just drag out for far too long for me to keep interested in continuing to watch. For now, I say the battle system is good the way it is.



Trading is another key element that’s missing from this game.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a trainer that’s had a Pokemon that I’ve been wanting only to find out they live right next to a nest of that Pokemon. I’d love to get rid of all my Scythers and I’m just afraid that I don’t have enough Pokemon space to keep them. Off to Prof. Willow they go. 😦

Trade Evolution:


When they introduce the Johto Pokemon I’m not too sure on how they would incorporate this but I would definitely love to have Scizor and Steelix on my team! Maybe after a X amount of caught Pokemon of that Pokemon you’ll get the item, and you’ll be able to trade it to get the trade evolution? I could see that option as a possibility so it wouldn’t be so easy to get Scizor, Steelix, Politoad, etc.


How would breeding exactly be introduced in this game? Is probably the question that everyone’s been asking themselves withing the last few weeks of the game. My little brother sent me a tumblr post containing a few images on how exactly it would be introduced. To save you time and frustration I’ll upload them all at once.


I take no credit for the screenshots below:



I really do feel the above screenshots would be a solid foundation for introducing the next season, but from what I hear that’s probably one whole year away. 


Pokemon go is a fun game when you’re alone or with friends, hell you’re able to meet people right off the bat when sitting at a lure module! I’ve been grinding for the past month as hard as I can and even lost some pounds believe it or not. Pokemon go; in reality made exercising fun. Using the eggs as motivation to get more steps in. Just when you’re about to go home you see something rare pop up and it makes you reach for your power bank instead of yoir keys so you can keep playing more instead of making the long trek home. But I do feel that it will need more very soon to keep players entertained. Until then, I’m on a grind until level 30!

So what’re your goals until the next BIG update gets introduced? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

SakuraCon 2016

Hi everyone, life has been kicking my butt lately so I’ve had to put this blog on pause (again). Don’t think I forgot about yall, but I did forget most of the things I did for all of SakuraCon weekend. So with that being said, I’ll just post up the link to the albums.

This one is EDITED


This one is UNEDITED


Be sure to visit both links! Hopefully you all enjoy them! Be sure to let me know which cosplays were your favorite!



This has been on my mind for quite awhile now and I just want to get this out there. Photography is just another form of art just as anything else is. Whether you photograph animals, babies, furniture, clouds, etc. That’s YOUR art, that’s YOUR eye viewers are seeing the world through. The thing that messes it up for me when sharing my photos is when I send photos directly to the people to share. I’m not in no way saying that it’s illegal to share without giving credit, but what I am saying is, that’s all us photographers ask for, some photo credit. It discourages folks like myself to send our subjects the photos because in the end all it comes down to is “great photo!” Nothing more, nothing less. Keep in mind that most of us don’t do this for a living, we do it as a hobby. We do it because we love it and in hopes that we’ll get some exposure to the world. Just as you want to show off that gorgeous smile, or your adorable newborn, all we want is some exposure.

So if you feel like this was to attack those that never give photo credit, it’s not. But it is to give you a different perspective in hopes that you will understand where we or just myself come from.

Testing Waters

Hi everyone, Sakura-Con Day 2 and 3 will be a compressed post together. Only because it was pretty much filled with me finding great cosplays for you folks to feast your eyes on! I was wondering, would you folks be interested in this being a lifestyle/anime/cosplay blog? By that, I mean incorporating my own personal life into this blog, that way you wonderful people can find out more about me also. This would then be able for you guys to embark on this journey we call life, with me. Or would you rather prefer it to stay an anime/cosplay blog. Be sure to let me know!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional photographer by any means. I understand that these pictures may not be up to par with everyone’s standards, but I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did. You can also click on the picture for a larger resolution.

This was the event I’ve been waiting all year long for! This past weekend was quite a busy one for me as I indulged myself in the pleasure of being surrounded by great cosplays, video games, and most importantly of all, ANIME! 😀 The weekend was filled with unique cosplays left and right so I’ve got plenty of pictures for you folks to look at. But this wouldn’t be too much of a blog post (especially a welcome back one) if I didn’t fill you guys in on the festivities that happened right? Be sure to continue reading if you wanna see more! Continue reading

Sakura-Con 2016, My 2nd Year Experience; Day 1

Final Fantasy 15: Brotherhood

With the exciting stream that took the world by storm yesterday there was an abundant amount of announcements that lead fans to become speechless. One of those being a 5 episode anime of FF15! This story will lead you through the events which lead Noctis to become friends/brothers with those in the game. You can check out the first episode here. Be sure to have a crunchyroll premium account if you plan to watch without any ads!

YYH X Bape

If you’re anything like me, you love a multiple number of things. Anime and street wear being two of those things. I recently discovered etsy.com (a site where artists can post up their creations for sale) and discovered an artist who had done a Ichigo X Bape collab. Sadly she didn’t have anything Yu Yu Hakusho related, but I did reach out to her to see if maybe perhaps she was willing to create one. She responded promptly saying she could. When I saw the first rough draft I was pretty ecstatic, and then the final product comes along and I think “Wowwwwwwwwwwww! This is just as good as the actual anime!” It was only $10 to purchase and $15 if you wanted a frame to go along with it. So all in all, I would say I’m pretty satisfied with my latest pickup. 🙂 If you would like, you can visit the artist’s shop at this link .

Coping with Post-Con Depression

With Sakura-Con 2016 done and over with, Seattle natives and everyone else in the Pacific Northwest region are left to deal with PCD (Post Con Depression). All anime lovers know this feeling far too well since we choose to sit through the closing ceremonies of our beloved conventions. You leave the con with new memories, new merchandise, but not to forget new friendships that have been made.

With 2016 being my second year of attending conventions I’ve come to grips that it’s best to look forward to whatever other things you have lined up for the year. Those new friends you made? Hit them up and see if they want to hang out. That new merchandise you purchased? Look at it real good and try to remember what you were feeling when you made the decision to buy it. Post con doesn’t have to be depressing at all. I’m sure everyone has taken plenty of pictures of cosplayers and whichever activities you chose to do. As for me, I really enjoy editing photos after the convention, it can be time consuming but soooooooo rewarding when you’re finally able to post them up.

My pictures will be up soon! Don’t worry about that! Just got done with day 2 con pics. So with that being said my question to you is, would you want to see me break down the con day by day or have one HUGE post? Be sure to let me know!