Kingdom Hearts X Final Fantasy


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if Square-enix ditched the Disney worlds and made Final Fantasy worlds instead? This has always been a thought that lingered in my head for years.

I’ve always thought it’d be the coolest thing to relive the most iconic Final Fantasy story lines KH style. Just think about it, the heartless and nobodies would feel right at home since some parts of the FF series are kind of dark. I feel like it would be a really great foundation to know just how exactly the FF characters made it into the KH universe. Personally, the FF worlds that I would like to be able to play through would be FF7 and FF9.


I’d love to play through the FF7 world because every time after fighting Sephiroth, Cloud and Sephiroth would just disappear and we wouldn’t be given any clues as to where they went to, they’d just vanish. Imagine entering the final dungeon of FF7, and stumbling upon Cloud and Sephie duking it out, swords clashing everywhere. Cloud is in pretty rough shape and Sephie looks like he hadn’t even broken a sweat. As Cloud is down on his knees and Sephie is about to deliver the final blow Sora gets in between the middle and blocks the swing with his keyblade. A cutscene would happen and Sephiroth explains why Clouds “light” is so weak (I still haven’t thought of the dialouge for this part) and then with his final words being “find me when you’re stronger, you’ll know where to find me”. Of course the place where Sephiroth will be at is the place where the famous death scene happened, the temple of the ancients.


I haven’t really thought too much on how exactly the world would be in the FF9 world but it’d be great to visit the black mage village, Madain Sari, and Alexandria. The black mage village would definitely be able to give Vivi more of a back story since he’s already in the KH universe. Madain Sari would be able to give a back story as to how the summons (I know there’s only disney summons but it’d be great if they threw in some FF summons for this version) got locked up into those items you acquire throughout the progress of the game. Then finally, you’d be able to visit Alexandria and see how Zidane and the rest of the gang are doing, with a twist of course. While everything seems to be happy and cheerful Kuja; who is controlling the nobodies, decides to run an attack on Alexandria to get his vengance on Zidane. Of course Sora, Donald, and Goofy would be there to help fend off against Kuja and his army of nobodies.

Those are the worlds that I would love to see in a KH X FF game. What events would you like to see unravel in this kind of game? Leave your thoughts in a comment down below!

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