Cosplay Sunday: SarahChaco

Happy Sunday everyone! Now I want to break down what Cosplay Sunday is about. This type of post I like doing (even if it is my first post) because it gives me a chance to know how a person got involved with the Otaku lifestyle. Whether it started from video games, to watching their first anime, or even listening to opening anime themes for hours on end, it’s still a pleasure getting to know them on a personal level. As I stated before in my “What’s your purpose?” post I’m here to share stories. Not all of us are famous cosplayers and not all of us cosplay as popular characters. So I’m here to do just that, give everyone some exposure to the light.

This past week I had the pleasure of working with SarahChaco who is a local cosplayer in Seattle. I’ve known her since middle school and she’s always been a pleasure to be around so it was really an invigorating experience. This was her first cosplay photoshoot and this was my first photoshoot and interview with anyone and I’m glad that it was such a great experience, it pushes me to do more of these.


The anime that started it for her was Dragon Ball Z. She would get home from school and watch the Toonami block whiched aired from 4-6PM and watch it with her brothers. Ever since she’s been a real huge fan of anime, Sailor Moon was another one that she mentioned that she really enjoyed watching.

Her love for cosplay when it first sparked within her could date all the way back to high school, when she first piqued an interest into make up effects. I remember being on facebook one time and she had posted some of her horror makeup and I was truly creeped out by it haha. So I will vouch for her that her make up game is truly exceptional.

I remember being on facebook one time and she had posted some of her horror makeup and I was truly creeped out by it.

wpid-12050.jpg wpid-12051.jpg


Another reason why she took interest into the cosplay world was because of the people she met such as Marian Montauge who also had a love for the Otaku lifestyle. I mean if it weren’t for friends sharing common interest with each other this world would be pretty boring right?

When I was speaking with Sarah and how she got introduced to cosplay it was a pleasant feeling they way she explained it to me. Seeing her eyes glisten and her voice sounding almost like that of a childs when Christmas was around the corner was a very heartwarming moment, it reminded me why I wanted to start this blog up.

The very first convention that she had ever attended was Sakura Con 2012, prior to it she had no knowledge of what cosplaying even was. She remembers just looking around thinking how cool it was to dress up as your favorite character and she thought of how fun it’d be to be on of those people. And that’s how her journey started. She’s bought a cosplay (made the weapon herself though), made a closet cosplay, and eventually worked her way up into making her very own.

She made her debut in 2012 as Lightning from FFXIII for sakura con 2012. Although she had bought the cosplay she did actually make the gunblade for it with the help of her friend Vanida Long.



She then cosplayed every year after that with the following: Winry from Full Metal Alchemist- sakura con 2013, lumpy space princess from adventure time in 2014 at pax, and 2015 sakura con as Zinnia from Pokemon alpha sapphire.


Winry (Full Metal Alchemist) – Sakura Con 2013

This one was a closet cosplay of hers. I’ve always adored Winry cosplays because of the simplicity of her character. The person right next to her is her friend Bradford.


Lumpy Space princess (Adventure time) – Pax 2014

For this one she made the headband, skirt, and top herself.


Zinnia (Pokemon Alphsa Sapphire) – Sakura Con 2015

Sarah’s Zinnia cosplay will be the main focus of this post. I asked her why she chose to cosplay as Zinnia and she simply said that she saw her boyfriend playing Pokemon and she just loved the character design, simple as that. Sometimes we don’t need some really deep reason as to why we love a character, we just do.


We started off the shoot at a very familiar park known to most Seattlites; Lincoln Park. This particular location I felt suited her character very well. The green, white, and red seemed to contrast very well against the forest environment. We started out in the beginning of the park but gradually moved in deeper and eventually the lighting got much better.

PSX_20150416_194424[1] PSX_20150416_194733[1] PSX_20150416_192651[1]

PSX_20150416_192827[1] PSX_20150416_193924[1] PSX_20150416_194523[1]

PSX_20150416_194329[1] PSX_20150416_194233[1]

PSX_20150416_193646[1] PSX_20150416_192536[1] PSX_20150416_193128[1]

This was Sarah’s first photoshoot with her cosplay, and to be honest this was my first photoshoot of a cosplayer so it was a very new experience for the both of us. But she did great as a model!

The most challenging part about this cosplay was given that it’s an unpopular character she didn’t really have any references to work with other than game sprites and fan art of the character. All in all, I say she did a fantastic job on it.

If you would like to follow her, her social media is as follows:

Instagram – @Sarahchaco

Twitter – @Sarahchaco_

I do wish to do more of these in the future so if you’re in Seattle and would like to be featured on my blog feel free to shoot me an email and lets get the ball rolling!

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