Music Monday: Never been

Happy Monday everyone! So today for music Monday is a bit of a curve ball. Todays song I will be featuring “Never been” by Wiz Khalifa. Believe me, I was really skeptical about Wiz when he first came out and wasn’t too much of a fan of his. Hell, I was a bit angry when he had sampled this song from “Chrono Trigger” which is Schala’s theme. But my friends kept bugging me to give him a chance and just listen to him, so that’s what I did.

And I’m glad that I gave this song a chance that turned me into a fan of his. I remember telling myself “let’s just give this one shot, and if we don’t like it then its simple that we just don’t like it.” I typed in the song on the YouTube search bar and waited patiently for the video to load. As soon as I heard the sample I got thrown back right into my childhood as I entered 12000 BC, the era where you visit Zeal. I automatically vibed to the song as I listened throughout the whole song I got reminded of Janus and how he said one of us in the group would soon perish, Magus posing as a prophet, amongst the many other events that unraveled during that era.

Let’s just give this one shot, and if we don’t like it then its simple that we just don’t like it.

I’ve posted the instrumental of it since I do know some people don’t like rap. Yes, it is a rap song as I’m a huge avid listener of the rap genre. And sadly; no, it doesn’t have any Chrono Trigger references. But hey, its just cool to know that a mainstream rapper such as Wiz sampled a song that I grew up to and especially from one of my favorite games. So just hit play on the video and relax to an old theme with a new school twist.

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