Real life Peter Griffin

I came across this video today as I was doing my daily browsing of social media and man … this guys cosplay as Peter Griffin is on point! His ability to hit every nail right on the head right down to the voice is really damn impressive. But when he was being interviewed and he answered the questions it really made me think “damn, this is exactly why I started this up.” To be able to connect and form friendships with other anime lovers, cosplayers, and the like from everywhere from around the world. But I’ll keep this short and post the video already. Enjoy the real life Peter Griffin everyone!

I go to work and I’m like a nobody. I work a nobody job, making nobody pay, but I go to New York Comic Con and people are pulling out phones like I’m freakin’ Bradd Pitt or some shit. It makes me feel like a million bucks. It’s the reactions that I get out of what I do that gives me the joy of what I do.


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