Throwback Thursday: Grave of the fireflies


Imagine a 21 year old man crying to an animated movie, what if I told you that man was me? I remember I was on an anime binge when I discovered this movie. Yes; I know, I should’ve known about it earlier but I was too busy with the lifestyle I was living at the moment to sit down and watch anime. But boy am I glad and sad that I discovered it.

This throwback Thursday is going to be a bit of a tear jerker, if you’re anything like me you’re a huge Studio Ghibli fan. One of my personal favorite movies from the studio is “Grave of the fireflies”. There are many reasons why I hold this movie so close to me. The story about the bond between two siblings who literally had to struggle to survive and watch out for bombers every second of their waking life, to moving in with an aunt who despised who they were, to making their own dwelling inside of an alcove. Yes, this movie was THE ONE for me.


The film tells the story of two siblings, Seita and Setsuko, and their desperate struggle to survive during the final months of the Second World War.

As sad as this movie is, it was absolutely stupendous. I loved the animation, I loved the music, and last but not least just the determination Seita and Setsuko had to keep on pushing, the will to do anything it takes to keep them going on strong.

I guess the reason for liking loving this movie so much is because I respected and commended their efforts for their struggle to live and also the bond that they had between each other. One scene really got to me though, the scene where Setsuko passes away from being malnourished. The saying following the death scene is what really gave me goosebumps and made a grown man cry, the saying was: “she never woke up.”

Having lost a few people on my journey through life I understand the pain that those four words can cause. They can rip you apart, drive you insane, and even throw you into a world that’s worse than hell. But one thing I ask of you is to not give up on your life, live your life for those who weren’t able to live a full life and make them proud. See sights they were never able to see, climb heights they were never able to climb, and let’s not forget to keep them forever in our hearts.

But anyways, before I start tearing up again how did you like this movie? Are their any other Studio Ghibli movies you prefer over this one? Be sure to leave a comment!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Grave of the fireflies

  1. Specifically refering to this movie, I prefer the subbed version of it where you hear the original Japanese dialogue… I have to admit, it gets you so much more when the voice acting is original (I have noticed such in other movies as well but that might just be me). On another note, I personally prefer “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke” over this one… if you haven’t checked them out, you should totally add them to your “watch list” xD


    • I absolutely loved spirited away! Princess mononoke is definitely one I still have been meaning to watch. Maybe I’ll take some time off this weekend and watch it. Its actually really hard to pick a favorite out of all the movies they’ve released.

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      • That is true. The director of these films is seriously talented enough to make a simple story mean more than they seem… And to be honest, I should sit down and watch “Princess Mononoke” again as well as I have not watched it for ages now…!


  2. The girl’s death was really sad. I got really frustrated with the older brother. I know their aunt was a douche, but at least they could have lived if he swallowed his pride and went back to her.


    • Maybe it all has to do with cultural difference. In countries like Japan (even India), it would be a shame if someone lived in another persons house/earnings for a while. I get that the war was going on and that ‘aunt’ was being too nasty. But the boy had no other choice.


  3. I watched this animĂ© in 2019 and trust me when I say, I couldn’t sleep for two nights. It is so heartbreaking and sad.
    The fourteen year old boy is supposed to be at high school enjoying with friends while the four year old girl is supposed to be at pre school playing with her friends and being pampered by her family. Instead, both of them get to see death, hardships and starvation. The girl dies of starvation and illness. The boy buries his dead sister, and starves to death at Kobe Railway Station.


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