Throwback Thursday: Medabots

If you were to ask me what I wanted when I was younger I would’ve said “a medabot!” with so much enthusiasm and stars in my eyes. As a child I remembered waking up Saturday morning for whenever this aired on TV and I would love every single second of it. I remember daydreaming of how things would be if I had a medabot. I always thought I’d be the champ and would kick so much butt around my school with my medabot haha, my childhood mindset was a pretty interesting one to say the least.

Here’s the plot from the wiki page:

The series centers around Medabots, artificially intelligent robots, whose purpose is to serve humans. The series begins with a ten-year-old boy named Ikki Tenryō, who wants to become a champion of the World Robattle Tournament. However, Ikki is unable to afford a Medabot, and his parents refuse to buy him one. However, he manages to get enough money to buy an outdated model, and, with a bit of luck, he finds a medal in a river. Ikki quickly inserts it into the Medabot he purchased named Metabee. The only problem is that the medal he found gives Metabee a severe attitude problem (a problem rarely seen in a Medabot), which leads Ikki to think he is defective. However, this theory is proven wrong later in the series, as it is revealed that Metabee actually has a “rare” medal.

I guess you could say this anime holds a soft spot for me since the nostalgia is strong when I hear “medabots” I can’t help but think of the theme song. Metabee and Ikki were the perfect team. As stubborn as they were they MADE the show. They had their serious moments but their comical moments were my favorite. From Henry being the phantom renegade and always managing to lose his grips on a rare medal, to Metabee getting “robonapped” all because of his love for watermelons, then Metabee losing his legs and having the need to sport his aquatic legs, and last but not least, the episode that had me literally in tears from laughing to hard was when Ikki was on a mission to find the best Takoyaki in his area of Japan.

In all honesty, there was nothing to hate about this anime, unless you’re just not a fan of the animation but you grow to love it after awhile. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you do. If you have but forgot all about it, I suggest you rewatch the series. This series tends to never get old for me, and even till this day I’m waiting for the first medabot to be relased.

Have you ever daydreamed about having robattles? If you could have your own medabot what would it be and what features would it have? Be sure to leave a comment!


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