Music Monday: Melodies of life

Todays music Monday is featuring one of my all time favorite FF games; Final Fantasy IX. In my personal opinion this game is underrated. Sure, it had its pros and cons but all in all I feel like it was a really good game. Every character each had their very own specific personality that just connected so well with the story. From Zidane’s comedic attitude, Freya’s seriousness, Vivi’s willingness to learn more about where he came from, Garnets (Dagger) personality of wanting to do what’s best for her. There was nothing to hate about the cast honestly. And I’m so thankful there was no significant death scene in this although, I was a bit heartbroken when I thought that Garnet would never speak again.

Each characters story was also thoroughly enjoyable. It’s too hard to actually put a finger on which one was my favorite part of the game. Vivi finding out how black mages are created and how they just “stop”. Then there was Freya traveling the world in search of her long lost love. Ahh I swear I could talk about this game forever.


But I’m here to feature one of the many Final Fantasy songs that I have on my iPod; Melodies of life. This song really brings myself to an ease when it does decide to play. There’s no second thought of ever skipping it. This song for some reason gives me hope when I feel like I’m in a really dark place and just knows the right time to play when I’m feeling really down.

Our paths they did cross, though I cannot say just why.
We met, we laughed, we held on fast, and then we said goodbye.

When I was watching this video it really gave me goosebumps. My childhood memories came back to creep on me, and I’m glad I did. This video reminded me of the countless school nights I stayed up late playing this game for hours on end. I remember getting so angry when I lost at “Tetra Master”. I remember one of the hardest sub-boss fights I’ve ever endured was the one with Hades, I hated that fight so much haha.

Well that’s it for Music Monday, hope you guys enjoyed a little blast from the past. What’re your thoughts on FF9? Underrated? Love or hate? Why? Be sure to leave a comment!


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