Another trip down memory lane: Return to Zanarkand

Probably known as the Final Fantasy that changed the franchise. This game was jam packed full of new features, mini games, characters, and everything else alike. For me, I had a love/hate relationship with this game. One aspect of the game that I absolutely loved was being able to switch out characters mid-battle. I thought that brought a lot of new excitement to the series. As I said in one of my previous posts (here) I never really did know what was going on in any RPG games, I would just grind the hell out of my characters until I was able to 1-hit KO all the monsters in the area and move onto the next. But as you grow up and you finally understand what the story is about, you finally begin to appreciate the story and all it stands for.

“Outside the dream world, life can be harsh–even cruel, but it is life.”


I remember one night, after I had finished a FF session, I decided to write. I wrote and wrote and wrote into the hours of the early morning the next day, I decided to stay home from school the next day because I was far too tired to learn about anything I’d probably never use in my whole life. Now that I think about it though, I can’t even remember what I wrote about in that notebook. But I remember everything just came out so fluidly, I couldn’t put down that pen to save my life. Whatever it was though, I’m sure it was some crazy story that my vivid imagination had made up. I guess I should say that I’m writing about this because FF X is the game that inspired me to write, inspired me to have my voice heard and share my story. Well enough nonsense about myself and sit back and listen to one of the most iconic melodies from the legendary FF series. Till next time!


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