Throwback Thursday: Death Note

I’ve kept getting requests to do a TBT for Death Note and I am here to deliver. It’s been a long while since I’ve watched the anime but I do recall enjoying the first half of the series, anything after episode 15, I think, felt really dry for me. I watched the series during a really dark time in my life where I was fascinated with demons, gods, spirits, etc. But never have I EVER thought about calling upon them, I just found their stories and origins interesting. I don’t know why but I just had a huge interest in the spiritual world at the time. Continue reading

My thoughts: Fairy Tail Zero

So I was introduced to the prequel of “Fairy Tail” which is “Fairy Tail Zero”. A good friend of mine told me about this manga and at first I was a bit skeptical because I for one find prequels a bit boring and dry, but as I read the first chapter I was instantly reeled in to read the rest. It’s a pretty short read (10 chapters) but it was great to have a peak of how Mavis the first master was in her younger years and to see how the Fairy Tail guild got started. Continue reading

Music Monday: Melodies of life

Todays music Monday is featuring one of my all time favorite FF games; Final Fantasy IX. In my personal opinion this game is underrated. Sure, it had its pros and cons but all in all I feel like it was a really good game. Every character each had their very own specific personality that just connected so well with the story. From Zidane’s comedic attitude, Freya’s seriousness, Vivi’s willingness to learn more about where he came from, Garnets (Dagger) personality of wanting to do what’s best for her. There was nothing to hate about the cast honestly. And I’m so thankful there was no significant death scene in this although, I was a bit heartbroken when I thought that Garnet would never speak again. Continue reading