Aniplays mascot


Had a friend draw me up this little guy the other day. Meet ikki! Aniplays mascot! Planning on having a manga created for a little back story on this guy also so stay posted everyone! Hopefully I can find someone to have him come to life on the computer screen soon. 

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Music Monday: Elfen Lied

Ahh I must admit that it feels good to be back on the writing block. I felt really burnt out from finals so I decided that I needed a break from any form of writing and yes, that included blogging also. But now that finals are over and graduation is right around the corner I’m back and ready to start writing again!

This past weekend I was introduced to a song titled “New Charlotte” by the artist Duru tha King. It sampled it’s beat from one of the most gore ridden anime’s of all time; Elfen Lied. At first I didn’t even know it was sampled from Elfen Lied until my friend pointed it out to me. I really loved the angelic voice playing in the background but perhaps that was why it really made the song that much better. I gave the songs a few listens and it’s been stuck in my head all weekend and even some of today. As I said in previous Music Monday posts, it’s always refreshing knowing that music artists are recognizing just how beautiful other genres of music can sound when paired together. Below you can find the track from Elfen Lied and the instrumental of New Charlotte.


I’ll return

Hi everyone! Just wanted to apologize for the lack of content in the past week. I’ve been slammed with finals and just need to focus on that for right now. I’ll be back to posting hopefully this sunday. Thinking of doing another Japan post if you guys don’t mind that. Keep an eye out for “Japan Dreamin’ pt. 2”!


E3: Square Enix, The Return of a Titan

Square enix, all hope was lost in the company at one point in time. Hell, some fans even moved on from the company and started playing other games/genres. For me I thought Square was the king of RPG’s way back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. They produced classics such as Dragon Quest, Secret of Mana, Chrono trigger, Chrono Cross, the list goes on. They were a beast that couldn’t be tamed, and for a long while they would drop hit after hit of classic RPG’s, but as we all know; every titan has their day. Continue reading

E3: FF7 Remake

It’s finally here! Well, not officially but it’s finally happening! The remake we’ve all wished and dreamed for! Square enix has finally done something right in years! My faith is restored in them! Now please release another Chrono game and more news on Kingdom Hearts 3! Just for this announcement, here’s a Cloud cosplay!

Cosplayer: Unknown

They grow up so fast

I’d like to apologize to everyone in advance because of this is a personal post that I’d like to look back on in the future.

Today both of my twin little brothers graduate from high school. Sure, some might say that it highschool was nothing but when its a younger sibling it means the world to you. I remember watching them take their first steps, when they first played a video game. These 2 are true otakus but they’re both my little brothers regardless of what anyone says.

I always wanted them to have a social life when they were growing up. I tried pushing them to go out to parties and meet new people but they just kept refusing. They enjoyed staying inside and playing video games with their friends on Xbox live and psn. I didn’t want to accept it for a long time.

I was disappointed because that’s how I grew up. But after years of maturing I realized that maybe sometimes we don’t need to go out and make friends. We don’t need to drink until we can’t think anymore or anything along those lines. Sometimes, our best friends can just be on the internet. I observed their friendships from the shadows for awhile, listening to how they spoke to their friends and even sending gifts to each other for Christmas and their birthdays. Once realizing what I said earlier I cracked a smile and said to myself “they found their group of friends, they’ll be fine when they grow up.”

Now I’m writing this as I ride the bus back home excited to see them in their cap and gown and again realize that birds have to leave the nest some time. With this post, I’d like to congratulate them for everything they’ve gotten through life. I’ll show them this some time down the road, maybe even years later.

But I’m done with being personal for now, if you read this far I commend you and would like to thank you for taking the time to read this because my life really isn’t that interesting haha.


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Throwback Thursday: Angel Beats!

Probably known as one of the most heart wrenching animes known to human-kind. I recently revisited this anime last weekend and it still has the ability to make a grown man cry, I had to punch a wall to feel manly again. I remember after my first watch I searched frantically to find out of there was a second season for it or if there was even one in the makes, but alas my search ended in failure. You know when you complete your favorite game and you go straight to the internet for more info on a sequel or a third part but find yourself to hit a dead end of nothingness and you’re thrown into a spiral of misery, pain, and agony? That’s exactly how I felt. Hit the jump to find out more!  Continue reading