Throwback Thursday: Samurai X Trust and Betrayal

Hitokiri Battousai; the name that shook fear in everyone’s hearts when it was mentioned, the name that made even those of the most power tremble, we’ve all heard the name of the legendary man slayer. The man who took down a single army all on his own. The man who had no remorse towards any of his victims as his cold blood-stained blade was the last thing his victims felt as they fell to the legend of the man slayer. But just who was he anyway? Hit the jump to find out more!

Some of you may know the legend by his actual name, Kenshin Himura or vice versa depending on how you’re used to saying his name. But before Kenshin was a wandering samurai who decided that he had no more lust for blood and converted his sword into a reverse blade, he was a deadly assassin. Most folks would know of Kenshin from the anime “Rurouni Kenshin” but as for myself; I grew to love him from the movie or to some the episodes, “Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal”. If I remember correctly the movie gives you a lot of background on how Kenshin grew up as a child and gives you a sneak peak of how his master raised him to be such a skilled swordsman.

As the movie starts off it jumps straight into the action. You’re greeted with a very young Kenshin surrounded by a group of women screaming their lungs out because their village (or something along those lines) is being slaughtered. We now have a young Kenshin, with a sword in his hand, scared and confused. One by one the men and women drop, and one of the women tries their hardest to protect Kenshin (his mother if I remember) as she runs up to one of the bad guys but is slain without a second thought. One of the bad guys lays his eyes on young Kenshin and raises his blade up into the night sky and just as he lowers his blade to deliver the deadly swing …. Kenshin’s master saves his life along with leaving a bloody trail of bad guys. The scene cuts and we’re greeted again with Kenshin now looking at his mothers grave along with the rest of the village, the swordsman shows up and some dialogue happens and the swordsman strips Kenshin of his real name; Shinta, and dubs him the name Kenshin.

Ken = Sword
Shin = Heart
Literal translation = “Heart of Sword”

Himura means “from the scarlet village”

Thats the name of Himura Kenshin – The famous samurai from the anime Rurouni Kenshin where Rurouni is made up of 2 words – Ru which means to wander and Ronin which means masterless samurai

It was a cool feeling to know just exactly how he became the legend that everyone talks of in Rorouni Kenshin. I kind of found it lame when he kept playing the peace maker card because when I first got introduced to this anime I know Kenshin as a stone cold killer, so when they aired it on the Toonami block it threw me off that he wasn’t killing anyone. Although, I’m sure they wouldn’t have showed any blood of any sort on Toonami anyways right?

And that is my Throwback Thursday for today, hope you guys enjoyed it!  I apologize for any misinformed information that I put in this article since it has been a long time since I’ve actually watched this movie. Have you seen any of the Samurai X movies yet? Also, I hear there’s a live action movie, if you’ve seen it already please let me know it is!  Be sure to leave a comment!


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