My Thoughts: Death Parade

So after reading a review of “Death Parade” from the wordpress blog Boy Meets Anime I decided I’d give it a chance since it seemed to have an almost BTOOOM! like essence. The anime is solely focused on the concept of death, afterlife, heaven, hell, reincarnation, and any thing else along those lines. As I’ve stated in previous entries, I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind, the concept of death, where souls go after our time is up. Death Parade I feel had a really well thought out concept that even I myself would believe to hold true. Hit the jump to find out more! 

The first episode “Death Seven Darts” spends no time being wasted and jumps straight into the good stuff. Where we’re greeted with a man and a woman who are very confused as to where they are. They don’t have any recollection of their memories as they wake up and they’re greeted with our first/main arbiter (a person who judges where these souls go) Decim. Decim explains to them that he is unable to answer any of their questions regarding where they’re at and what they’re doing here and so on. Decim also explains that for them to continue on they will have to play a game that wagers their lives. The man; Takashi, decides that he and his wife, Machiko play along with Decim’s plan and decide on playing a game.

The way the games are chosen are pretty simple, the players press a button and the games are chosen roulette style so everything is at random. The tile that becomes highlighted on the board is then flipped revealing which ever game the players are playing. Our first contenders get to play a game of darts. Now the twist here is each section is linked to an organ of their body. The higher the score the higher the pain.

The organs/body parts can range anywhere from yours eyes, heart, stomach, etc. Takashi and Machiko throw the first two darts without realizing that and suffer some light pain. Decim then tells them that they don’t have to actually score for the game to end. The two now finding this out this new hole through the game finally intentionally miss a majority of their darts.

Here’s the part where it starts to become intriguing and this is when I began to take interest in the anime. As the game comes closer to the end both of the players begin to regain their memories, however, they’re not able to control which memories they recollect. Usually they’re the more horrid memories that people wish to erase from their minds. This is what the arbiters call “extreme conditions”. Arbiters believe that to make a true judgement they must be able to call out the darkest parts of a persons soul to see where they truly stand, to decide whether the person becomes reincarnated or their soul gets tossed to the void.

You see, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of where souls go after passing on. After seeing this concept, where your soul is judged one final time to see where you actually stand is a whole ‘nother level that adds to this complex cycle we call life.

All the episodes have their own other twists to them and I thoroughly enjoyed them very much. Some or pleasant while some are …. I could have been better off not knowing such as sad and twisted story. I would recommend this anime to anyone that’s interested in how the afterlife works. Also this really caught me off guard but if you’re into tear jerkers this one is a real treat! The animation is lovely and the character designs are nothing short of amazing too! I really loved the anime towards of the beginning of the end also but I can’t really spoil it for you folks from here. So I suggest you go check it out now!


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts: Death Parade

  1. Death Parade will hopefully survive to become a new classic from Madhouse – I couldn’t really fault anything about it. It’s incredible when an anime is so consistently engrossing along with having an OP that gets me cheering and dancing around the room every single episode (like my body was refusing not to celebrate that I had a new episode to watch). The thematic questions raised were also woven into the story well enough so that anyone from any religious background could enjoy looking deeply into the series.

    I still can’t believe I had the climax partially ruined for me because I have one of the world’s dodgiest internet connections, though. D:


    • Hi! I apologize for the late response. But you’re correct! I couldn’t find much to really give any negative views in this anime other than I wish it had more episodes. 😦 the anime had so much potential to become a much longer series. The climax had me crying because in my darker days I’ve always wondered how life would be like if I wasn’t around anymore. But no doubt this will go down as one of my favorites of all time! Thanks for the reply also! 😀

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