It’s my birthday!

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d make a post so you folks could share my birthday with me. I turned 24 years old today and I’ve gotta say that looking back on my life I’ve had my highs and lows. If you were to ask me if I had any accomplishments so far, I would look you dead in the eye and tell you “yes”. Back in elementary, I held the record for most 3 pointers shot in a row, in middle school is when I started to first take an interest in writing, high school I was voted “most likely to publish” along with graduating at the top of my class and earning the honorary award to be “student of the year”. Has there been any other accomplishments aside from those? Yes of course, I’ve made the best of friends, I’ve pushed myself to my limits, I’ve even been able to pursue my own dreams.

So friends, as I write this I would just like to say thanks for supporting me in one way or another. It truly does mean a lot that I could have such a supportive group to have my back and be able to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Cheers to another year of good health and many more to come, along with many more memories I will cherish for a life time. Kanpai!


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