They grow up so fast

I’d like to apologize to everyone in advance because of this is a personal post that I’d like to look back on in the future.

Today both of my twin little brothers graduate from high school. Sure, some might say that it highschool was nothing but when its a younger sibling it means the world to you. I remember watching them take their first steps, when they first played a video game. These 2 are true otakus but they’re both my little brothers regardless of what anyone says.

I always wanted them to have a social life when they were growing up. I tried pushing them to go out to parties and meet new people but they just kept refusing. They enjoyed staying inside and playing video games with their friends on Xbox live and psn. I didn’t want to accept it for a long time.

I was disappointed because that’s how I grew up. But after years of maturing I realized that maybe sometimes we don’t need to go out and make friends. We don’t need to drink until we can’t think anymore or anything along those lines. Sometimes, our best friends can just be on the internet. I observed their friendships from the shadows for awhile, listening to how they spoke to their friends and even sending gifts to each other for Christmas and their birthdays. Once realizing what I said earlier I cracked a smile and said to myself “they found their group of friends, they’ll be fine when they grow up.”

Now I’m writing this as I ride the bus back home excited to see them in their cap and gown and again realize that birds have to leave the nest some time. With this post, I’d like to congratulate them for everything they’ve gotten through life. I’ll show them this some time down the road, maybe even years later.

But I’m done with being personal for now, if you read this far I commend you and would like to thank you for taking the time to read this because my life really isn’t that interesting haha.


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