E3: Square Enix, The Return of a Titan

Square enix, all hope was lost in the company at one point in time. Hell, some fans even moved on from the company and started playing other games/genres. For me I thought Square was the king of RPG’s way back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. They produced classics such as Dragon Quest, Secret of Mana, Chrono trigger, Chrono Cross, the list goes on. They were a beast that couldn’t be tamed, and for a long while they would drop hit after hit of classic RPG’s, but as we all know; every titan has their day.

For a long while Square was on a dry spell failing with games such as when Final Fantasy XIV first released. I remember reading a Game Informer article about the game and reading it only had 1 active player still on the game and the only reason why was because the player didn’t know how to cancel his subscription. Yes, for a long time there was no hope in the company ever making a come-back. Everyone knew what they had to do, even Square knew what they had to do, and that was to release an old game that all fans held very dear to their heart; Final Fantasy 7.

PC version with mods

Fans raged about the thought, fans wanted demanded a remake of the game that left everyone emotionally attached. As the years went on and graphics of games got better, it left fans questioning and asking themselves “Where’s the FF7 remake?”. Gaming conventions would go on with no word of a remake, instead we’d be left with not so worthy games to speak about such as the FF13 trilogy that wasn’t exactly too memorable. Fans would read articles about Square stating “In order to make a FF7 game again we will have to wait until another FF game surpasses it”. The question here was “would any game be able to dethrone a game on FF7’s caliber?”

Capture Capture1

Maybe Square was thinking FF XV would be the one to do so but with so many years passing by without a word on it, who would have enough more energy to care? XV was first revealed in 2008 if memory serves correct but how many more years did they have to go in order to push out more info about it? With frustrated fans and the company having some financial troubles it was only a matter of time before the company had to pull out their trump cards, Kingdom Hearts 3, FF7 remake, or another Chrono game.

Before E3 2015 I recall Square revealing that there would be a remastered version of FF7 for the PS4. I remember being at work that night when I read the article and I went straight to my boss and said “if this is true I’m going to have to use my vacation when it releases!” he replied “ME TOO!” and we both high fived each other. Happily we talked about how awesome it’d to be to explore the FF7 world and visit towns as beautiful as Cosmo Canyon or as lively as Golden Saucer. But alas that conversation would end again as soon as Sony revealed the game as just being a straight port for the PS4. No remastered graphics, no voice acting, just polygons which left many fans drowning in a pool of sorrow. Did Square intentionally trolls us knowing that we’ve eagerly awaited for a remake for over a decade?

And then comes along E3 2015. Square is there and everyone has the same thing in mind, “Squares going to blow it with some crap games and of course we’re not going to be impressed.” Among many other thoughts similar to that. What do we see on Day 1 of E3 from Square? FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE! YES! This literally stopped all of time. This trailer alone made countries cry. Square enix ended world hunger and restored world peace with this trailer. IT WAS JUST THAT GREAT! Square knew they had their fans in the pocket, the knew that we would all come back like hungry puppies if they just released this game and finally, after years of crying and whining, we got it. The FANS got the remake they’ve wanted more than anything else.

But did the excitement stop there? Definitely not. While FF fans were dying for a remake, there was another fan base not too far off exploring Disney worlds. The last console title that released, Kingdom Hearts 2 which was on the Playstation 2 way back in 2005 was the last one that most fans would deem excellent. We were left in the dark for a long long LONG time for any continuation of the Dark Seeker saga. Sure we had spin off games such as KH: Dream Drop Distance, Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days but that wasn’t enough to satisfy the fans. The fans ALL wanted a console title, and a decade later, although we didn’t get an actual game we did get more eye candy for the beloved game, and fans EVERYWHERE were blown away.

Now you see, I’ve been a die hard fan of the series since I first laid eyes on the game back when Game Informer still had cheat codes on the back pages. I loved ANYTHING that had to do with Final Fantasy and to see them make a game with Disney characters absolutely boggled my mind. I just loved the thought of being able to finally get an idea of what the FF characters sounded like. Hell, I love the franchise so much I even got a car part of mines air brushed with the art cover.

That about wraps it up for this post. My question to you, how do you feel about the FF7 remake and the new KH3 gameplay trailer? Do you think this is the rebirth of Square Enix? Be sure to let me know in a comment!


2 thoughts on “E3: Square Enix, The Return of a Titan

  1. I say that this a rebirth. We finally get to see some more action on KH3 and our wishes were granted for the return of FFVII.
    It’s a manner of time until fans will ask Square Enix to give FFVIII or other series the same treatment XD.


    • I am hoping for ff9 to get the same treatment, but the game was really underrated so I highly doubt it. There’s a lot riding on this 7 remake so everything they do to it will be judged highly.

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