Throwback Thursday: FF7 The Last Order

With all the Square-Enix craze everyone probably saw me doing a Throwback Thursday feature of FF7, and you are 100% correct! However, did you really think I was going to do a feature of Advent Children? Be real with me now. Sure, I could have done that but then that’d be a bit too predictable. Hit the jump to find out more!

That little secret that you find in the basement of Shinra mansion on disc 3, had everybody questioning who in the world was the black haired soldier that Cloud rode in the back of a truck with. Nobody knew, and during the time we didn’t exactly have high speed internet and no source of leaked info to do more research on the matter. Hell, video game magazines only came out every month and none of them ever mentioned just who this person was. Square pulled probably one of the greatest video game twists of all time that would make this game marked down as legendary.

I first heard of this from a friend of mine. I didn’t believe it one bit because of the simple reason that I thought Sqaure was done with FF7 completely. I was pretty young so I didn’t have a smart phone at the time and wasn’t able to just pull it up right away. I hung out with my friend and I could just imagine the look on my face as he explained the whole thing to me. So naturally, a few hours later I rush on home to finally get a look at what he was talking about, and I was not disappointed one bit at all. It was everything I had imagined and also, being that FF7 was my first real exposure to the RPG genre I took in all of the glory that this anime had to offer.

The anime is an exact replay of what happened in the past. The company that produced was Mad house, who I believe, also pushed out great anime’s such as Death Parade. The animation is great! The voice acting could’ve been a bit better but not too much to complain about, other than Tifa’s voice actor really bothered me. But other than that, there’s really not much else to complain about. If you’re in a hankering for some FF7 at the moment, then I suggest you watch this 20 minute anime and relive the memory that became something explosive.

That about wraps it up for this Throwback Thursday! Be sure to check out my other posts by click on the “Throwback Thursday” tag! How do you feel about the remake of FF7? Are you excited as everyone else? Are there any gameplay mechanics that you’re hoping for?

Now, come to the promised land with me, will you?


One thought on “Throwback Thursday: FF7 The Last Order

  1. I remember watching the anime, it was awesome. Times like this I wish Final Fantasy VII was converted to an anime like they did with Bayonetta. I am looking forward for more news.


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