Anime Scenery

Anime scenery has always been one of my favorite parts when watching shows. As I surf tumblr a lot of scenery gifs tend to make their way on my dashboard and I can’t help but stop and stare at it for a good minute or two. Perhaps it’s because I’m too busy in the real world to stop and take in all the beautiful things happening around me so it’s refreshing when I come across these gifs. I find it remarkable how an artist can capture so much and make the viewer feel like they’re actually there, sometimes I find them to bring me into a calm for some odd reason. Maybe it’s the way the sakura blossoms blow with the wind, or how the snow flakes are each drifting individually gently hitting the ground, or the way the rain drops fall into a puddle. You see, with how the artist imagines these little things play a huge factor on how the viewers absorb the scene and with that allowing the viewer to feel much more emotion than intended. Continue reading to find out more!

I love the night time scenes because of what we call in the photography world, “bokeh” otherwise known as background blur (but most people mistake it as out of focus points of lights) is at it’s best point. As a photographer, you really appreciate having bokeh in your captured moment. Why? Because it adds so much more personality to the picture and makes the subject stand out and highlights their appearance.

Snow or even winter time in general has always been something that brings a true feeling of bliss and joy to me when I think about it. Living in Seattle you’d figure that we’d get a ton of snow in the winter time, like MASSIVE amounts of snow, but unfortunately that’s not the case here. In fact, I can’t even recall the last time we had a major blanket of snow to wake up to over night. It just doesn’t feel like winter time without any snow. In anime I wish there were more episodes involving snow and I’m not just talking about harsh cold blizzards that the characters face. I mean the peaceful kind,  the kind that you can sip some hot chocolate to in front of a fire and watch it drift as it piles up into a fresh blanket as you eagerly await the next day to throw snowballs and build your own snowman.

And then Spring time rolls by and you realize that after a long, cold, and frost bitten winter you were eagerly awaiting for warm weather to hit. Yes; Spring, the season of new life, the season of “love” is what some may call it. We gradually move from wearing heavy jackets into light sweaters and pullovers or even shirts depending where you live. We see the beauty of life at its finest as we stroll by along our day. Yes, the rain may come but we don’t necessarily let that bring us down because as they say, “April showers bring may flowers”.  Or in Japan’s case sakura blossoms. Who doesn’t love a sight of sakura petals blowing with the wind? I remember when I was taking head shots for people at school there was a cherry blossom tree nearby and the wind was pretty strong that day. I wanted the blowing blossoms to be captured in the moment but unfortunately the petals were just too small for my camera to pick them up. 😦

As the showers finally pass on, the flowers have all budded and the beautiful vibrant colors of the cherry blossoms have come and gone. We move into the month of June and then begin to enjoy the sun beaming down on our skin and happily think of the gorgeous tan (or horrible sunburn) that we’ll receive for the next 3 months straight. We transition from t-shirts and pants to tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses. We make plans with our friends to bbq and go swimming along with intense games of basketball, football, or kickball. You see, anime captures some of the most beautiful moments of summer. Angel Beats! although it was in a school setting it reminded me of how I used to enjoy my summers. I love how some shows are able to rush your memories back to you by a simple sunset glistening over the ocean or how in the featured gif is, the sun during it’s golden hour where everything just seems perfect and you can say to yourself “damn, I had a good day”.

Of course summer has to end eventually and autumn rears its head. The hot humid air that we’re used to breathing in is gradually replaced by cold crisp air entering our lungs. The once green leaves are now replaced by a variety of oranges and browns. The trees which were full of life eventually lose their leaves as they drift onto the ground waiting patiently to become piled up so children could jump in them. You know that I think about it, not many anime shows really take place in the fall season. I wonder why that is, if anyone could shed some light that would be much appreciated!

Well that about wraps it up for this post. This was meant to help you explore your memories of your child hood I guess you could say. As I was typing this I was reminded of so many things, it made me realize of how much being an adult sucks some times but we all have to grow up some time. Being a child was much easier but hey, hope you folks enjoyed this as much as I did. I’ve got a ton of footage from Dragon Fest this weekend so be on the lookout for my coverage on it!

So while we’re on the subject, what was your favorite season or time of day growing up and why? Is there a certain memory that you’d like to share? If so, be sure to leave a comment!


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