Kingdom hearts X Big hero 6


With D23 this weekend kingdom hearts fans anticipated at least some kind of news. And now we’re getting a big hero 6 world! I really did like the movie so I have a positive reaction towards this. As for the rest of the kingdom hearts news? Well, there wasn’t any. Big disappointment again here. *sigh*

How do you feel about the new world being added to the kh universe? Be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Kingdom hearts X Big hero 6

    • I watched the announcement trailer for the world and the guy said it will be taking place after the events of big hero 6 but baymax will also be making a comeback. So I’m definitely excited for this world.

      I hope they stop with atlantica. I find that world really boring and dull no matter what elements they try to add to it.

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      • I am looking forward to Big Hero 6. I just hope that if Altantica does come back, I don’t want to do those singing minigames. Let just leave Ariel alone and have her happy ending with Prince Eric.


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