Japanese Kit-Kat Review Pt. 1

Over this past weekend I had the true delight to finally try out some Japanese Kit-Kats all thanks to a friend of mine! If you’re anything like me you can never get tired of the crispy wafer covered in mouth watering chocolate that just seems to have just the right amount of cocoa and the right amount of sugar to keep you satisfied every single bite. This company knows what it’s doing when it comes to delicious treats! The only downside of living in the US is you’re very limited to what flavors you can purchase. Other than the green-tea, orange, mint, hazelnut, and strawberry ones I’m able to purchase at my local Asian supermarket I want to be able to have my taste buds venture out to more …. other tasty flavors that the company has to offer. As most know Japan is a huge fan of the american snack even having their own Choclatory dedicated to the candy. Japan is also no stranger when it comes out to veering off from the main stream and being able to try out different combinations with this beloved treat. With over 200 flavors how could you go wrong? Check out the rest of the review after the jump! Continue reading