Loneliness rears its head

The holiday season is a very joyous season isn’t it? Families gather around to spend precious moments with each other to create new memories for a life time. Holiday festivities are happening along with strings of Christmas lights wrung around trees on every block around the city. Cold crisp autumn air replaces the hot and humid summer air that we breathe into our lungs. Not only just those reasons, but it seems just like the perfect time to have a significant other. But if you’re one of those few folks who have had the sheer unluckiness of not being to find that special someone, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

You’re very much like me and please believe me as I write this, I know just how you feel. Love isn’t exactly a subject I usually tend to touch on much because of how many triggers it can have for a person. Some people have the luck of being stuck in the friend zone, others have the luck of just not being able to put ourselves out there that much, but no matter what, in the end it’s the same result, we’re alone. It’s a horrible word, hell, it’s probably the worst one in the English language that can really tear away at a person.

So what is it that I do to keep my mind off the wants/needs of companionship? It’s simple, I don’t. You could possibly call me a hopeless romantic in this society where hooking up is the norm nowadays. I’m not scared to admit it when I say that I catch myself day dreaming of moments here and there if I had another person to share the moment with. We’d all be lying if we said we never caught ourselves laughing just to only smile more at the thought of how much more joyous the moment would be with a partner.

OK — that all sounds nice and all but you’re still not explaining how to keep your mind off of daydreaming about a relationship. Like I said, I don’t. You dream about it, you daydream about it and you never stop thinking about it. You keep moving on with life. Because when I do find that one special person to share all these precious moments with? I’ll know that it was completely worth the the wait. I’ll know that without a doubt in my mind that I’ll have made the right choice to wait it out until that one special person comes along. It’ll make the months, possibly even years, waiting just that much more of an accomplishment.

So if you’re going through some kind of loneliness phase, don’t worry, I am too. Just be patient and enjoy the moments that life is throwing at you right now. If you spend too much time worrying about settling down at such a young age you’ll realize just how quickly time flew by and how much time you wasted on something that wasn’t a top priority in the first place. As humans being alone is the worst emotion imaginable, but don’t be blind to the people you have around you. They all love you very much and would most enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs. Have I contradicted myself in this paragraph as opposed to the last? Maybe, but it’s whatever. You get what I mean. Enjoy your life and be thankful for those around you!


7 thoughts on “Loneliness rears its head

  1. I’m just like you; a hopeless romantic! I also tend to just day dream about “what if” moments with someone, even if it is just infatuation at that moment in time. Remember to just enjoy the time you have with yourself. That is the most important thing of all. Unfortunately, I recently came out of a relationship so I find myself in the same position you’re in. You’re right about one thing though; Love is a dangerous word in the English language

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    • I’ve been single for about 3 or 4 years now so the feeling is familiar to me haha. But I always do my best to enjoy the company and the moments happening around me to keep my mind off of it.

      Good luck on coping with the break up! I wish the best for you!

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  2. Interesting post. I tend to daydream “what if” and I sometimes wish ti find my significant other but I also realize that life doesn’t have be about romance. I don’t mind me alone and as along I enjoy what I like to do, that’s fine by me.

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    • Of course! Through my journey of being alone I’ve come to realize that there are an abundant amount of things which are thoroughly enjoyable with or without a partner! Like fighting games and things along those lines!

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      • Totally, I get what you are saying. There is more to life than trying to find a partner. I am not saying to stay single forever but don’t become obsessed of trying to find the perfect person. I would stick with my games and anime.

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