My Thoughts: J-Stars Victory VS.

A couple weeks ago when PSN had the sale for quite a great amount of games I noticed J-Stars was on the list. I’ve been wanting to get this game for awhile but I wasn’t willing to spend the full amount for it, but I finally got it when it went on sale for $12! You can check out the trailer for it after the jump!

I’ve gotta say I was enticed when I first saw the trailer for this game. A fighting game that features characters that I grew up watching, duking it out?! How couldn’t anyone be more excited right?!

Jumping into the game I had absolutely no idea  what to do. I was a bit frustrated at first because there were no signs of a tutorial or anything (who would’ve known you had to jump into story mode to do that). Selecting characters was a hassle on it’s own. So what did I do? I went to youtube to seek out some answers and eventually got an understanding on how to play, although, that didn’t quite help me out neither. The gameplay is fast but the controls are terrible.

Along with the terrible controls, there’s just way too many things on the HUD to even keep track of. You have your health gauge which is red, then the 10 bars right beneath it is your chakara gauge, to the left of that is your assist and assist timer cool down, on the bottom right there’s a map and timer, to the top you have your super gauge and I forgot what the 3 lightning bolts are, but they have something to do with the supers also.

I really did try to play this game for about a good week before deciding to just give up on it. I’m glad I got it on sale at the huge discounted price. The character selection is a wide variety, but you can only play about 20 or 30 characters themselves, the rest are just assists. I would dig in deeper into this game review, but it gives me a headache just thinking about this game. 3/10 if you ask me.

Have you played this game yet? What’re your thoughts on it? Be sure to let me know in a comment!

One thought on “My Thoughts: J-Stars Victory VS.

  1. The game is fun and I do agree with you on this review, there is so many things going on. I have the PS3 version and I don’t think the framework can catch up with the action.


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