DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional photographer by any means. I understand that these pictures may not be up to par with everyone’s standards, but I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did. You can also click on the picture for a larger resolution.

This was the event I’ve been waiting all year long for! This past weekend was quite a busy one for me as I indulged myself in the pleasure of being surrounded by great cosplays, video games, and most importantly of all, ANIME! 😀 The weekend was filled with unique cosplays left and right so I’ve got plenty of pictures for you folks to look at. But this wouldn’t be too much of a blog post (especially a welcome back one) if I didn’t fill you guys in on the festivities that happened right? Be sure to continue reading if you wanna see more!

This year was a bit more organized for me since I actually had an idea of what goals I wanted to complete this year. That was to get as much shots of cosplayers as I could, meet some new folks, and compete in the Street Fighter 5 tournament. I feel like I’ve accomplished that goal quite well this year, and I’m satisfied with every bit of it.

Shall we begin with day 1 of con? I think so! I wake up from a night of hanging out with a couple of friends and I’m excitedly awaiting for my friend to pick me up. I woke up at about 9 or 9:30 on Friday so I’m thinking to myself “ahh I’ll just take a shower and pack up, maybe go catch some breakfast and wait around”. 10:30 AM rolls by and I’m thinking to myself that I’m just way to antsy to be sitting around, so I gather up my things and clothes for the weekend (since I was going to be spending my weekend in a hotel) and jet off to the bus stop. It’s been ages since I’ve taken the bus so it was a really good change of pace for me.

First things first when I get off the bus is to find some food. My stomach was growling at this point and I swear someone was going to call animal control on it. What better way to open up Sakura Con weekend with some sushi?! The spot I planned to go to is called Japonessa. It’s not exactly your average sushi bar as it boasts flavors of Hispanic and Japanese tastes and with those combined, gives you an exceptionally well done dish that’ll leave you craving for more.


This place doesn’t hold a soft spot in my heart because of it’s dishes, but because Japonessa was the very first restaurant to introduce me to tempura style sushi.It’s exactly what it sounds like. They take a roll of sushi and fry it tempura style. You know that saying “deep fried makes everything better”? It holds true with sushi also. After being fried they cut it up in very nice sized pieces and depending on which roll you order, their sauces and toppings are nothing but the finest around to send your taste buds on a roller coaster of emotions. My preferred roll is the “California Crunch” roll. The soy glaze they use to top it off just adds a magnificent twist to the roll. I always end up ordering two (terrible I know) but I can’t help it because I know I won’t be coming back for awhile. For now, I’ll let you drool over the pics.


So after brunch by my lonesome, I begin to make my way to Sakura Con. The convention center isn’t too far from Japonessa, maybe a 10 – 15 minute walk at most. I was making my way closer and closer to the convention and my eyes started to light up as I saw the cosplayers walking. “AHHH YESSSS! JUST WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!” I think so myself as I see the convention center with hundreds of people going in and out. I take my badge out and make my way up the 3 flight of escalators which lead inside the convention.


Right after getting off the escalators I make my way towards the exhibit hall to see what kind of merchandise is on sale and to check out what creations the artists in artist alley have. I didn’t take too many photos of the merch this year because I didn’t find too many things interesting. My main focus was Yu Yu Hakusho merch but in the end I didn’t find too much other than a set of blu-ray discs containing all seasons of YYH! Sadly though, I wasn’t willing to drop all that money at once so I stayed away from it.


After I found myself getting a bit tired of the merch area I wandered around to see if I could find any cosplayers (ones that I enjoyed) to take photos of. All shots taken were just really quick snapshots as I didn’t want to find myself consuming too much of their time.

After a bit of wandering around, I remembered there was a SF5 tournament going on. So I made my way to the console gaming room where I would be greeted by a boat load of setups. It’s like a gamers paradise every single time I go! 😀 So of course I was only there to play Street Fighter. I got some matches in with some locals so that was a pretty school experience. I’ve only just recently started trying to get into the local FGC scene. Everyone seems pretty nice and is willing to pass on the knowledge as long as you’re willing to ask.


Pokken seemed to be another strong contender this year. Snapped a photo of Lucario trying their best to play Pokken right here.

So during my time of waiting for the tournament to start I decided I would get a few matches in with some folks. I waited patiently for my turn as the contenders battled it out with each other. A few minutes pass by and it was finally my turn. I get the craziest jitters when I play in front of people. But if I ever wanted to excel as a player then I needed to get used to it. Come to find out …. I didn’t do so bad! The announcer begins to announce that they were taking registration for the SF5 tournament now. So I make my way to sign up. It was a 64 man bracket and I got knocked out fairly early of the tournament. 😦 It’s alright though, we learn and we live right?

During the rest of the tournament I decided to kickback and watch. I met a few people who were really cool. It’s really hard as a fighting game player, how hard it is to meet people who are into the same game as you. But when you do, you can talk for years about what’s been going on in the community, and that’s one feeling that I’ll never forget. Being able to speak about something you’re so passionate about and being able to let out your thoughts with others who have the same level of understanding as you.

After the tournament, I decide to walk about the convention some more to find some more cosplays since it was getting to be evening time now so I bet a ton of cosplayers would’ve been at the convention right now.

And that’s about it for day 1!

Sakura-Con 2016, My 2nd Year Experience; Day 1

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