This has been on my mind for quite awhile now and I just want to get this out there. Photography is just another form of art just as anything else is. Whether you photograph animals, babies, furniture, clouds, etc. That’s YOUR art, that’s YOUR eye viewers are seeing the world through. The thing that messes it up for me when sharing my photos is when I send photos directly to the people to share. I’m not in no way saying that it’s illegal to share without giving credit, but what I am saying is, that’s all us photographers ask for, some photo credit. It discourages folks like myself to send our subjects the photos because in the end all it comes down to is “great photo!” Nothing more, nothing less. Keep in mind that most of us don’t do this for a living, we do it as a hobby. We do it because we love it and in hopes that we’ll get some exposure to the world. Just as you want to show off that gorgeous smile, or your adorable newborn, all we want is some exposure.

So if you feel like this was to attack those that never give photo credit, it’s not. But it is to give you a different perspective in hopes that you will understand where we or just myself come from.

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