Pokemon Go: The Month After

So I’m pretty sure by now you’ve gotten yourself familiar with Pokemon Go, the free application that took the world by storm. I’m going to skip all the instructions on how to play it but if you’re unsure of some things feel free to comment!

To kick things off I’ve been having a blast with Pokemon Go, it’s truly refreshing to finally be able to live out my childhood as a pokemon master. The game itself has gotten so many people up and about nowadays, it’s insane to see how many trainers there are in your area alone. Through this review I’ll be touching on key points that I’ve been noticing as I’ve been playing along with a few features that I wish to make it within future updates.


Lures are probably the most essential thing for this game, in order to level up you need to be out and about catching pokemon consistently. I like the idea of lures because it gives you a chance to rest and relax while the pokemon come to you. Not only that, but I do thoroughly enjoy the fact that it brings trainers together. I’ve come across very few hateful trainers but most of them seem to be pretty friendly. It’s cool being able to exchange information such as where they caught a certain Pokemon, who their official squad is going to be. Even showing off each other’s Pokemon is a pretty cool thing to me, I enjoy hearing the other person talk about how they’ve raised their Pokemon and what strategy they’re taking to go about evolving and powering up their team.

Lucky Eggs:

Lucky eggs which are used for double XP no matter what you’re doing is a great mechanic for trainers to level up faster. However with the recent updates it’s become much tougher to do so. The capture rate is a bit tougher than it was during the initial release of the game. Lately I’ve been spending 10 balls on a pidgey, weedle, or caterpie (the holy trinity of spam evolving) with the only outcome of them taking off on me. How on earth should a CP10 Pidgey run off on me?! 😦


This one is a fun mechanic. It’s like buying a scratch ticket in hopes that you’ll get something big but only to become disappointed when you’ve hatched yet ANOTHER Eevee. All-in-all it’s something to keep you on your toes and to motivate yourself to keep taking more steps throughout the day in hopes that you’ll hatch a Lapras or Snorlax, only to come face to face with another Jynx. Get those steps in trainers!

Wishlist for future updates:


What’s a pokemon game without battles? Sure there are gym battles but what’s the use when all you do is get sniped by some snot nosed 10 year old kid and he puts down a CP200 Charmander? What’s all the smack talking about when you can’t settle the issue for good through a good Pokemon battle? I actually don’t really mind the battle system in this game, afterall; it’s Pokemon GO, if we did traditional Pokemon battles that would take a year and a half to complete – when it comes to competitive battling at least. I’ve tried watching competitive battles on youtube and the battles just drag out for far too long for me to keep interested in continuing to watch. For now, I say the battle system is good the way it is.



Trading is another key element that’s missing from this game.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a trainer that’s had a Pokemon that I’ve been wanting only to find out they live right next to a nest of that Pokemon. I’d love to get rid of all my Scythers and I’m just afraid that I don’t have enough Pokemon space to keep them. Off to Prof. Willow they go. 😦

Trade Evolution:


When they introduce the Johto Pokemon I’m not too sure on how they would incorporate this but I would definitely love to have Scizor and Steelix on my team! Maybe after a X amount of caught Pokemon of that Pokemon you’ll get the item, and you’ll be able to trade it to get the trade evolution? I could see that option as a possibility so it wouldn’t be so easy to get Scizor, Steelix, Politoad, etc.


How would breeding exactly be introduced in this game? Is probably the question that everyone’s been asking themselves withing the last few weeks of the game. My little brother sent me a tumblr post containing a few images on how exactly it would be introduced. To save you time and frustration I’ll upload them all at once.


I take no credit for the screenshots below:



I really do feel the above screenshots would be a solid foundation for introducing the next season, but from what I hear that’s probably one whole year away. 


Pokemon go is a fun game when you’re alone or with friends, hell you’re able to meet people right off the bat when sitting at a lure module! I’ve been grinding for the past month as hard as I can and even lost some pounds believe it or not. Pokemon go; in reality made exercising fun. Using the eggs as motivation to get more steps in. Just when you’re about to go home you see something rare pop up and it makes you reach for your power bank instead of yoir keys so you can keep playing more instead of making the long trek home. But I do feel that it will need more very soon to keep players entertained. Until then, I’m on a grind until level 30!

So what’re your goals until the next BIG update gets introduced? Be sure to let me know in the comments!