Hi everybody! I started this blog after attending my first anime convention, Sakura Con 2015. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never truly did have anything to write about, after some inspiration and a little bit of talking with a friend I decided on creating this! If you’d like to learn more about myself feel free to click here to view my “Lifestyle Sunday” post.

The name “Aniplays” originated from both the beginning of the word “Anime” and the end of the word “Cosplays”. Every now and then I’ll be featuring a cosplayer doing my best to line up interviews with cosplayers but a majority of the time it’s mostly filled with music, throwbacks, and random reviews here and there. Thanks for checking out my “About” section and I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do!


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  1. Hello! I recently got nominated for a Liebster Award (an online trophy given from one blogger to another) and in the spirit of the award, I must now nominate 10 others whose blogs I enjoy reading.
    If you feel like taking part in the award then check out the rules on my Liebster Award blog post but either way I look forward to reading more of your reviews. Thanks!

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