Throwback Thursday: Chrono Trigger OVA

I know I’m not alone when I say I wish Chrono Trigger would have its own anime adaptation. The artwork is beautiful and the character designs are so unique to one another, nonetheless everything still manages to go hand-in-hand. Never in my life up until the point of playing CT for the first time, would I have ever thought I would be playing a video game with a talking frog and a talking robot in the same party along with a cave girl who could kick some serious butt. Be sure to continue reading to find out more! Continue reading

Music Monday: Ice Box

I got this ice box- Oh hey guys! Sorry, the chorus of this song is just addicting to say even if it has been a decade since the song released. Now you might be thinking “Aniplays, what’s this song have to do with anime or video games?!” I’ll tell you why after you hit the jump! Continue reading