Japan Dreamin’

If you were to follow me on tumblr you would find out that I am just in love with Japan just as every other otaku would be. I appreciate everything Japan has to offer. From cars, clothes, video games, anime, etc. the list can never really end. The place is RICH with culture and I would just love to visit for at the very least a month and be able to live out everything I’ve always wanted to do out there. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Grave of the fireflies


Imagine a 21 year old man crying to an animated movie, what if I told you that man was me? I remember I was on an anime binge when I discovered this movie. Yes; I know, I should’ve known about it earlier but I was too busy with the lifestyle I was living at the moment to sit down and watch anime. But boy am I glad and sad that I discovered it. Continue reading