My thoughts: Fairy Tail Zero

So I was introduced to the prequel of “Fairy Tail” which is “Fairy Tail Zero”. A good friend of mine told me about this manga and at first I was a bit skeptical because I for one find prequels a bit boring and dry, but as I read the first chapter I was instantly reeled in to read the rest. It’s a pretty short read (10 chapters) but it was great to have a peak of how Mavis the first master was in her younger years and to see how the Fairy Tail guild got started.

The beginning pages start you off with Mavis at age 6 looking cheerful as she reads her book, the next few pages really rips your emotions up as you find out how badly she gets treated. Being called names, being forced to clean, even getting her new shoes taken away from her, you really feel your emotions flare up as you read the first chapter. But even then as you progress through it you get to see just how kind Mavis is.

Fairy Tail Zero 1 Page 6  Fairy Tail Zero 1 Page 7

This was a really enjoyable read for me because I have always wondered how it was when Mavis created Fairy Tail or even how it got created. It’s great to have a picture painted in my head and finally getting a little bit of background info of the other previous masters also. Yes, the comedy is still there but it’s just not much, there’s even a special appearance from Zeref which I was really surprised about!

The Fairy Tail writer never ceases to amaze me with how thoroughly he thinks each arc through. All in all I would definitely recommend reading this if you were like me at one point and wanted to know the strongest guild of Fiore was created. Currently there are only 10 chapters and only 1 chapter releases a month. 😦 But it’s definitely something to not sleep on!

Until next time! (Throwback thursday)


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