Throwback Thursday: Chrono Trigger OVA

I know I’m not alone when I say I wish Chrono Trigger would have its own anime adaptation. The artwork is beautiful and the character designs are so unique to one another, nonetheless everything still manages to go hand-in-hand. Never in my life up until the point of playing CT for the first time, would I have ever thought I would be playing a video game with a talking frog and a talking robot in the same party along with a cave girl who could kick some serious butt. Be sure to continue reading to find out more!

I want to touch on the OVA which was released years ago. I’m sure not a ton of fans ever knew about this so I’d like to give you guys some awareness of it before I forget about it years down the road. This episode doesn’t touch on any of the events related to CT which I was kind of disappointed about, but hey; this is the closest we’re ever going to get to see CT come to life. The OVA actually only focuses on the carnival that happens in the game, along with the monsters, kickin’ back and having a fun time. You’ll see familiar faces such as the huge robot you beat up in the beginning, Gato. The biker guy from 2300 AD (Robo’s time period) and a few more others that I can’t really remember off the top of my head.

When first watching it, it was exactly as cool as I thought it’d be. The animation looked like it was straight from the cutscenes of the PS1 Chrono Trigger remake. Sure the quality of it may have been just a tad bit lower as compared to how animes now look. It reminded me a lot of how Dragon Ball’s (insert joke about testicles here) animation was, more than likely because the artist for CT was the same artist for DB and DBZ if memory serves correct. Well, enough of my blabbering and watch this OVA!

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